Monday, March 2, 2009

Say What You Need to Say

New Kit... Say What You Need to Say
inspired by... Scrapping the Music Challenge- #75
Song by John Mayer
Cover- Coupon you're entitled to
Mommy to "Say what I need to say..."
date- everyday
Signed- Mommy
Page 1- I love you to the moon and back!

Page 2-
Dear Bryce and Clara,
I have many hopes and wishes for you. I hope you always make good choices, set high goals, and try your best to achieve your dreams. You can do what you put your mind to. I hope you find someone to share your life with and who loves you as much as your Daddy and I love you. I will continue to always "say what I need to say ."

Page 3- Note to Clara

Page 4- nicknames

Page 5- Note to Bryce

Page 6-Nickname for Bryce

Page 7- There are times wher you will be sad or mad and it is okay to feel that way.

Page 8- Happiness is...
1. Finding someone to love who loves you back.
2. laughing until you cry
3. having children together
4.building dreams together
5.saying what you need to say
Page 9- Back Cover
Letter to the children...
A Note on Love...
I have 5 of these kits for sale...
scalloped chipboard book
4 sheets of Jillibean Soup paper
3 pieces of ribbon for on the ring
7 Jillibean sprouts