Friday, March 20, 2009

Campbell's Soup Challenge #1 Winners and Layouts

My first challenge was a lot of fun and hard to choose a winner... I believe we were all winners since we all got some projects finished, that we could take home and put into books...I was torn between the first two layouts pictured... a tie breaker was chosen and Maryann's was chosen. Thank you to all for taking a risk and having fun doing it. Looking forward to challenge #2. Details will be posted this weekend.
Maryann's layout- winner
Buffy's layout

Buffy's 1st card (Love it!)
Buffy's 2nd card
Maryann's 2nd layout

Mom C's layout
I missed taking a picture of Terry's layout before she left. She had a great soccer layout!

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ME... said...

i wish i could do cards...those cards were CUTE!